Innovative New Way of Business

The management drives profitability through innovations, with no cookie cutter approach and run with very different organizational structure. 

The team has the flexibility and efficiency to run creative and interesting campaigns and strategies. 

It is also the management’s belief is to merge departments to create higher efficiency and productivity, with the aim of provide substantial training for the employees for them to be multi-skilled. These employees can be paid higher than the industry average. And for the owners, it will help with the overall bottom line. 

All properties under the group do not have concierge or valet as front-office employees are tasked with the abilities to handle these duties too. Security and maintenance responsibilities are also merged as one, with a head overseeing both and the headcount under can help ensure the security of the properties and also oversee the overall engineering of the properties.


Using low cost innovations and save on long-term costs and in turn create better efficiency


Giving employees the authority to make decisions help with morale boost


Treat the staff well and the staff will treat the guests well. Employees have the positive mindset, happy thoughts and the passion to serve