Bay Hotels & Resorts

Bay Hotels & Resorts has 2 brands at present – Luxury and Resort. The group will be looking at diversifying the portfolio in the next few years.

Bay Capital Danang

The double B cocoons the floral symbol of a tulip, one of the world's most recognizable and loved flowers, often associated with luxury, grace and elegance.  Black tulips, in particular, were considered a myth for centuries till it was brought into reality through men’s sheer diligence and care. The brand portrays traditional prestige juxtapose with subtle modern grace. The first luxury property of the group is slated to open in 2023 in Danang, Vietnam.

Nestled in tranquility and set for relaxation, Bay Resort prides to provide leisure travellers with utmost all-in-one comfort and relaxation. The logo is a forging of B, A and Y letters depicted with quintessential elements of nature: B represents the clouds in the sky, A as the mountainscape on land and Y as the lapping waves at sea. These present the holistic experience offered by any of the Bay Resorts. The design adopts a traditional asian art style that is both metaphorical and enigmatic as it communicates nature, history and relationships.